Non-Refundable/Non-Transferable Registration/Uniform Payments

Deposit or Full Payment of the Registration fee is non-refundable/non-transferable under any circumstances. There are no refunds for camps, clinics, shoes, cheer uniforms, hair bows or outer-wear as these are ordered custom. In the event that your child is cut/waived a refund of registration fees will be issued less the $50 administrative and processing fee. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Return Check Policy/Fees

I understand there is a $25.00 fee on all returned checks, which will be applied upon payment of your registration fees, will only be accepted by cashier check, money order or cash. No exceptions!!!

Equipment Policies

All equipment / items issued to any participant, unless specifically deemed otherwise, is the property of the Hayward Earthquakes and must be returned at the end of the season or upon request from an authorized representative of the Board. Failure to return all items when due and in good working condition may result in your having to replace said equipment at your expense. You are responsible for any legal expenses incurred by the organization to retrieve said equipment.


Team practices will begin in May. At this time, all fees must be verified “paid in full” along with all verification of all required documents (Participant Application, Birth Certificate, Medical Release).

  • Starting Week1: Practices will be held Monday through Friday
  • After 1st Game: Practices will drop to three (3) nights per week for the remainder of the regular season.
  • Practice Length: 2 hours
  • Play-offs:  It is the coach’s option to have 4 practices during the week.
  • After the regular season, Football players and cheerleaders will continue to practice as long as their team continues to participate in playoff games and invitational bowls.

All football players are required to have ten (10) hours of conditioning prior to practicing in full gear. All football players should wear shorts, t-shirt & football cleats during this period.  When the ten hours of conditioning are completed, the football players will need to wear practice pants and girdle with pads, shoulder pads, helmet, practice jersey and cleats.  All items are supplied by Hayward Earthquakes with the exception of the cleats.  Cleats must meet certain requirements – please discuss this with a Board member or Coach. All players and cheerleaders should bring at least a half-gallon container of water to drink to cool down. Only water and sport drinks may be consumed by participants at practices and at game time. Food may not be consumed at practices or while playing/cheering at games. Gum chewing is prohibited.

Friends and siblings may not be left unattended at practice sites. Insurance coverage does not extend itself to non-participants.  All players and cheerleaders must receive a physical prior to attending the first season practice. No participant will be allowed on the practice field without medical clearance documentation. (No Exceptions)


Practice attendance and punctuality is critical to the development of our teams. Coaching staffs design new plays and routines on a daily basis. The unexcused absence of any participant is unfair to your child’s Coaches and teammates and will place him/her in a “catch up” position while other participants are moving forward. Attendance at all practices, games and designated spirit competitions is mandatory unless participant is sick, injured, or there is a family medical emergency. Absences for any other unusual circumstances must be approved in advance by your child’s Coach or a Board member. Any participant who has been under the care of a Physician for extended illness or injury must present a medical release prior to returning to participation in practice sessions or games. Participants must be on time for both practices and games. Arriving late is unfair to both the team and coaching staff. Roll call will be taken at each practice, and attendance records will be turned in at each week’s end to the Football Coach Coordinator and the Cheerleader Coordinator. Tardiness and/or unexcused absenteeism may result in disciplinary action including being benched or waived from the squad.


The season will officially begin with a “Certification Jamboree”. Date, times, and location will be announced in the Team Newsletter provided to each participant at the end of each Thursday’s practice.Regular season games typically start in September and extend through the month of November. Playoff games and Championship games are usually held in November. Games are usually held every Saturday during the season. Transportation to and from all games and practices is the responsibility of the parent. If you have difficulty transporting your child to practices or games on time, your assigned Team Parent may be able to assist you in arranging carpooling. The Team Newsletter can also be used in communicating your transportation needs.

Team Sizes/Waivers

We can only carry a maximum of 33 football players per team and 33 cheerleaders per squad. As a result of these restrictions, waivers (cuts) are inevitable. Waivers are the decision of the Coaching Staff. While it is not uncommon to have more sign-ups than openings, a few participants will decide that this sport is not for them within the first two weeks and will decide not to participate.   Please note that all team assignments are tentative until certification. Placement could be changed due to team size or player size and weight. Each game is preceded by an official “weigh-in” to ensure a competitive and fair program. Our goal is to allow as many youth as possible to participate in our program.


The Coaching Staff is carefully screened and fingerprinted. Each team’s staff consists of a Head Coach and up to six (6) assistant coaches and a team parent. The Head Coaches may have already selected a few of their assistant coaches but normally choose the remainder of the staff from interested parents. Coaching candidates must complete an official Coach Application. Completion of said application does not guarantee a position or interview with the Board.

Game Admission Fees

There will be an entrance fee for all SFL NorCal events. The admission fees will be as follows:

  • Adults 18 years and older $5.00
  • Children 6 thru 17 years old $3.00
  • Senior Citizens (55 & older) $2.00
  • League Badge Holders FREE
  • Players/Cheerleaders in uniform FREE
  • Children 5 years old and younger FREE


A “Team Newsletter” is provided to every participant every week at the end of week practices. Participants and parents are responsible for reading the information included in the newsletter. Items in this publication include game dates and times, maps to “away” games, event announcements, names and phone numbers, and all “need to know” information regarding the Bay Area Lions.

The procedure for filing a complaint regarding all issues involving the Bay Area Lions Organization issues is as follows: (1) Football player or Cheerleader discusses issue with the Head Coach. (2) Parent(s) and participant discuss issue with the Head Coach. (3) Parent(s) and participant discuss issue with Football Athletic Director or Cheer Director. (4) Parent(s) discuss issue with the President of the Bay Area Lions and/or entire Board. No complaint will be honored if out of the aforementioned sequence.

Parent/Guardian Participation

Parent participation is essential to the operation of our program. Sign-up sheets will be made available for the various positions (snack bar, chain gang, play official, gate keeper, etc.) prior to round robin/scrimmage. Parents agree to donate a minimum of ten (10) volunteer hours per family, per season to the Bay Area Lions in addition to participating fully in various fund-raisers throughout the season. If minimum requirement volunteer hours cannot be met, a work fee of $125.00 will be paid to the Bay Area Lions to hire a replacement for those hours. There are no exceptions to this policy. Without this participation, this organization cannot exist.

Team parents act as administrator/coordinator for the Head Coach as well as organize participant’s / parents’ participation in fund-raisers and “home” game work schedules.

Dress Code

Cheerleaders: Proper attire includes shorts or sweats with loose fitting tops and tennis-type shoes with socks and shoelaces (i.e., no sandals, boots or dress shoes). Clear nail polish may be worn. Hair should be tied back away from the face. Proper attire does not include Levis or other tight-fitting garments, nylon midriff tops (skin may not be exposed when arms are raised). No false fingernails of any kind. No jewelry or make-up. No beads in hair, ankle bracelets, watches, rings, or earrings, etc. These regulations apply at all practices and at any time when cheerleader uniform is worn.

Conduct of Conduct / Zero Tolerance

Football players and cheerleaders are expected to represent the Bay Area Lions in a manner which does not compromise the honor or integrity of the organization. While in uniform, any participant whose conduct is deemed unacceptable by either a Coach or a Board Member may be subject to disciplinary action. “Conduct” is herein defined as “any behavior or action which undermines team dynamics or the professionalism of the organization”.

Any participant including but not limited to parents, children, coaches, board members, volunteers, and fans in the Bay Area Lions program who is abusive (verbally or physically) toward anyperson including but not limited to Opposing Teams & Bay Area Lions’ parents, coaches, referees, players, spectators, board members, water boys, etc. will be suspended. Suspended means that said person may not attend any Bay Area Lions or league games or sponsored functions including practices (parents would be required to drop off and pick up children but must remain in their car if they intend on staying at the practice field).

  • First Offense – One (1) week suspension this step may be skipped in the case of physical abuse or severe verbal abuse.
  • Second Offense – suspension for the remainder of the season.
  • Third Offense – suspended for life (if you are banned for life you will be unable to participate in any leagues or activities).

Do to the severity of the abusive we reserve the right to escalate the disciplinary process to include all three steps on the first offense.

Media, Website Pictures & Names: By signing the participant application you give permission to have your child’s picture and name on Earthquakes’ website; and other forms of Media outlets in conjunction with the Bay Area Lions Program (names will not be listed with picture on Web site).